Are you feeling stuck on any of these aspects while using your Mac?

•    Getting lost when trying to navigate

•    Consistently choosing the wrong button or control and getting frustrated

•    Afraid to try new or pro level applications because you struggle with the basic ones 

•    Can’t seem to get the help you need with your specific problem

Make sure you Watch the video above for a new approach to mastering your Mac that will yield massive results…

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Mac 101 – The Foundation every Mac user should have.

Here’s what you will discover…

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Expand Your Range

Use more applications and be more productive

More Confident

Take the fear out of the equation and replace it with confidence

Learn The Unknown

New applications, tips and power user tricks become easier to master

Be More Creative

Because you’ll know more, you will be able to do more and create more

Boost Your Vocabulary

Ever wondered why they are called “geeks”? Well, soon you’ll know the language too and you’ll have the skills to match.

You’ll also get these bonuses…

Bonus #1: A 40% discount off all our major course releases for a lifetime. Most of our courses are $1,000 or more, so this can mean thousands in savings for you!

Bonus #2: A free 30 minute teaching session with me (Vashaun) over Skype about anything you would like to discuss, Marital advice included. $125 in savings and value – My normal rate is $250 per hour!

Bonus #3: Early access to our beta course releases before they are launched. You’ll have an opportunity to provide valuable feedback and assist other users of future course releases.

Bonus #4: Community engagement. Get free access to our monthly community only Master Class conferences to help you engage and be more productive.


John from Austin Texas says… I’ve taken a couple of Fedora’s courses and they are expensive, but well worth it. I really learned a lot.

Anastasia from the Netherlands says… I’ve never taken an online course packed with so much information that I had to rewind sections over and over again to get it all. These guys rock!

Michael from Florida says… Its a format that works for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right from my phone or anywhere that I have a internet connection. 


About VaShaun…

Still photo of Vashaun Jones in a Fedora

I’m passionate about teaching individuals to master their Mac. I started 15 years ago with 5 team members and grew Fedora Outlier LLC into the largest assistive technology consulting, teaching and support firm of its kind in the world. 

When it comes to remote, 1 on 1 and instructor lead teaching of assistive technology, there is no-one better at getting you the results you desire!


Time is Running Out To Get In On The Ground Floor!


Mac 101: The Foundations

Pay only $1200 to start Mastering your Mac today!

Money Back Guarantee

If I don’t teach you something that you didn’t already know about your Mac or you feel the course wasn’t worth your investment, I’ll give you your dollar back. 

All you have to do is tell us what you didn’t like about it.

This Course IS For You If:

You really want to master the skills it takes to be an advanced user and be even more proficient on your Mac.

This Course Is NOT For You If:

You know all there is to know about your Mac and you have it all under control.

Mac 101: The Foundations

Pay only $1200 to start Mastering your Mac today!

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